About me

I’m a writer, mother, hiker/canoeist, fitness enthusiast, and DIY-er. My first love is writing—just like you, I bet. And as we both know, love ain’t always easy. As someone who once vowed to give up trying to write—when it seemed that nothing could be more painful than the long, dry “not writing” rut I was in—I’m grateful for every day in which the words come, and for every wily trick and doggedly-earned habit that sends me back to the page and makes the hours flow by unnoticed.

I’ve been there, friend, and am I ever glad to have found a way out of that joint. (You? Check the “Work with me” link if you need a mentor or guide.)

I love working with writers: teaching, leading workshops, providing manuscript evaluations and editorial feedback, presenting on panels, giving talks—all through individual arrangements, within University of Toronto’s Creative Writing Certificate program, or via my online offerings.

In 2014, CBC called me one of “Ten Canadian Women You Need to Read.” My second novel, STUDIO SAINT-EX, was a national bestseller in Canada. It has been acclaimed in the USA and Poland, and is forthcoming in Italy and Russia. My debut novel, BEGINNING OF WAS, was regionally shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. My short stories have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, and my nonfiction in the Globe & Mail and magazines.

By the way, my second love (besides my two kids, of course) is reading. Or it’s my ’93 VW campervan. Or maybe it’s roadtripping. Or backcountry weekends—I just got a tattoo of a canoe. Then again, it could be learning automechanics, based on the hours I log trying. Or learning to play the purple plastic ukulele that lives in my bathtub. Really, I think it’s just “learning” in general—whether that happens on a trail or a river, under the hood of a car, or between the pages of a book. Learning makes me happy.

Here’s to change. Cheers to growth.